Risky Business: Oregon Treasury’s Fossil Fuel Problem

From heat domes to droughts, from coastal dead zones offshore to vanishing snowmelt and groundwater, climate change has already arrived in Oregon with widespread and devastating effect.

Oregonians are worried. A series of short stories compiled by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters depicts the new reality of scorched trees, a snowless Mount Hood, and the disappearance of insects, birds and animals from the state’s famous landscapes.

Those Oregonians navigating rising houselessness, the state’s legacy of white dominance, and rural poverty are bearing the brunt of climate change with the most vulnerability and the fewest resources to cope with this new reality.

The report was produced in partnership with Stand.earth, 350.org, the Private Equity Stakeholder Project, Environment Oregon, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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This report details the investments in fossil fuels made by OST that are known to the public, and outlines how continued support of the fossil fuel industry by the state exposes Oregonians to climate and health risks, economic costs, and financial losses.