The Culprits

With more than $46 trillion in assets worldwide, pension funds are among the largest institutional investors in fossil fuels. By financing fossil fuel companies, they enable these companies to continue to produce and burn more fossil fuels, driving up global greenhouse gas emissions at the very time when we need to be doing the exact opposite - urgently and rapidly decreasing emissions.

Pension funds must take climate protection seriously for their own financial well-being and for the well-being of their members. The fastest way for pensions to address climate change is to divest from their fossil fuel holdings and invest in just and equitable climate solutions

Pension FundLocation Fossil Fuel Investments
California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) California$13,825,196,000
New York State Teachers' Retirement System (NYSTRS)New York$7,674,518,077
Minnesota State Board of Investment (MSBI)Minnesota$7,004,834,248
Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)Washington$8,090,793,542
State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)Wisconsin $6,521,793,723
New Jersey Pension Funds (NJ)New Jersey$5,416,509,740
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) Alaska$5,231,294,355
Kaiser Permanente Group TrustCalifornia$2,680,096,116
Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Trust (PRIT)Massachusetts$2,607,038,905
Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)Colorado$2,234,371,997
Alaska Retirement Management Board (ARMB) Alaska$1,338,172,998
Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS)Maine$989,154,971
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF)Oregon$937,736,462
Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF)Illinois$606,145,759
San Mateo County Employees' Retirement Association (SamCERA)California$74,141,725
Sloan Kettering Pension PlanNew York$2,532,319

Ways to get involved

We are calling for pension funds to divest from fossil fuel companies, the primary drivers of the climate crisis, to drastically increase investments in just and equitable climate solutions and to use their leverage as major shareholders to more successfully engage their investments to take real climate action.