About Us

The Climate Safe Pensions Network (CSPN) is about leveraging our power where it’s most effective — in our local communities.

Nearly all public pension funds in the U.S. and Canada are invested in fossil fuel companies. As a result, our tax dollars and retirement funds are being used to support the powerful coal, oil and gas companies that are causing the climate crisis, polluting our communities and violating Indigenous rights.

We are part of the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition and working to have more North American pensions join the more than 1,610 institutions with assets over $40.6 trillion who have committed to divest from fossil fuels. We are collectively working to reduce pension funds investments in fossil fuels and to use their leverage as large asset owners to advance the level of change we need to see amongst all companies with a climate footprint.

“We believe that ownership of fossil fuel companies by pension funds is only useful and effective if it is active, limited and accompanied by clear short term deadlines for action using firm, science-based criteria by fossil fuel companies.”

The Network works to support and uplift these efforts, deploying resources, training, experts and data to campaigners and community advocates. We mobilize the media to bring a brighter spotlight on pension funds’ investments in fossil fuels and key campaign moments and engage the public nationally and internationally through advocacy tools and social media to participate in and broaden the climate safe pension movement. We provide the financially sound, fiduciarily responsible information that pension decision makers need to address the climate risk in their portfolios and act accordingly to preserve their beneficiaries’ funds while advancing climate solutions.

Media inquiries:
Lindsay Meiman, Climate Finance Media Director

For network inquiries
Please contact Amy Gray, Associate Director of Climate Finance Stand.earth