Divest-Invest Movement Leaders Press Conference

Following more than a decade of pressure from student activists, alumni, and faculty, the world’s wealthiest university, Harvard has announced it has nearly entirely divested its $42 billion from fossil fuels and will bar any future investments in coal, oil and gas. Activists from student divest-invest campaigns, including Divest Harvard and Divest Princeton, and leaders of the global fossil fuel divest-invest movement hosted a virtual media conference and movement leaders event on September 15th, 2021 to celebrate and discuss the significance of the win and what it means for campaigns targeting universities, cities, pensions, and other financial institutions and the fossil fuel industry at large.

Speakers include:

  • Bill McKibben, 350.org co-founder and divestment movement leader
  • Ilana Cohen, Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard organizer
  • Hannah Reynolds, Divest Princeton coordinator
  • Maine State Senator Chloe Maxmin, Divest Harvard co-founder
  • Tomás Insua, Harvard alum, Executive Director, Laudato Si’ Movement
  • Tom Sanzillo, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, former New York State Deputy Comptroller
  • Joyce E. Chaplin, James Duncan Phillips Professor, History Department, Harvard University
  • Anna Santoleri, Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard alumni campaign organizer
  • Ted Hamilton, Harvard alum, co-founder, Climate Defense Project