Together we can shift billions of hard-earned pension fund dollars from financing coal, oil and gas.

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Pension funds are among the biggest investors in fossil fuels.

With more than $46 trillion in assets worldwide, pension funds are the world’s largest asset owners and among the biggest investors in fossil fuels. It’s time for them to be part of the solution and not the problem.
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The need for divestment from fossil fuels & real climate action

Fossil fuel investments are losing our public employees’ money, supporting deadly pollution in our communities, and threatening our climate.

Human Rights

Fossil fuel companies are notorious violators of human rights - often building and expanding pipelines, mines, drilling and power plants in the face of community opposition and trampling on Indigenous rights.

Pollution in our Communities

More than 8 million people around the world die each year as a result of breathing polluted air that contains particles from the burning of fossil fuels. That’s in 1 in 5 deaths globally caused by fossil fuel companies and doesn’t include all the other non-lethal health impacts.

Financially Risky

Traditional energy companies have been underperforming the rest of the financial market for years. Bankruptcies are up, particularly amongst coal and fracking companies, and big oil giants like Exxon are floundering. Fossil fuel investments are simply too risky for pension funds.

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Retirement savings should not be invested in a volatile industry.

We are calling for pension funds to divest from fossil fuel companies, the primary drivers of the climate crisis, to drastically increase investments in just and equitable climate solutions and to use their leverage as major shareholders to more successfully engage their investments to take real climate action.
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Sign and send a letter to your governor and state legislators urging them to divest pension funds from fossil fuel industries. It is time to stop investing in climate chaos!

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The Climate Safe Pensions Network is a North American network of multi-generational and multi-racial campaigns working to shift public pensions out of risky fossil fuels and into climate solutions.
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